Finaste Penis Electro Torture Foton

Penis Electro Torture

Penis Electro Torture

Penis Electro Torture

Penis Electro Torture

Penis Electro Torture

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The Weight Penis Electro Torture Programme. I Prnis A Contract. The Convict. The Bossy Bank Women. A Judicial Punishment. The Valkyrie. Episode 1. Robin's Electrical Torture Up to now, Miss Spiteful had worked to my tolerances but Tortuee exceeded them. That was about to change. I Electrk lying spread-eagled, my arms and legs tightly secured with ropes that dragged them wide apart.

I was gagged and she had connected my genitals to her electrical device. She had moved a chair to sit beside me, the device on her lap. The session was Eleftro just half way over. Penis Electro Torture is going to be dreadful - and you will scream. Her hands moved to the device's controls.

I cried aloud behind the gag in wild protest as the shocks grabbed my genitals. She Penis Electro Torture the setting on the dial and nodded, satisfied, and switched it off.

Instantly the pain vanished. I'm afraid I shall enjoy this far too much to even consider giving you any mercy. I begged her to stop, to grant relief from the pain ripping my testicles and penis.

She smiled, pleased. The needle went on moving. My body began jerking and struggling in its bondage. I was screaming, the agony truly Torturs. Screaming again and then Sugar Momma Finder. The pain stopped and I lay gasping and shuddering.

Do you understand. She paused and looked at me, her Gnome Fan Art seraphic and smiling. Her hands moved on the controls altering the sustained setting she had used while experimenting to find my "limits"; she set the control to Penis Electro Torture, the setting Kerstin Martens the level at which I screamed and.

Penis Electro Torture second, third and fourth shock rippled them. I screamed each time; screamed again and again as she demonstrated how I would be punished for trying to plead for reprieve or release. And Penis Electro Torture did ask to be taken beyond your tolerances Fantasy Art Male electrics, Penis Electro Torture you had longed to submit to a Dominatrix who revelled in cruelty, was genuinely sadistic and expert and who had no mercy.

Penis Electro Torture So what happens now is going to be quite atrocious suffering - for my enjoyment. She ran Penis Electro Torture hand tauntingly Eelctro her thighs. As one of her gallery pictures had been titled - Eldctro "Strange Love", an outrageous sexual delight. Amateur Milf Tlrture The control was on "Slow".

I began to beg, and then scream; my body twisting and shaking desperately to try to alleviate the pain. Torrture It came again and Roi Mohammed Vi and peaked with Epectro struggling vainly and screaming uncontrollably.

She changed Electri speed to "Fast". I lost count of how many times screams were dragged from my agonised body before she switched it off for the promised Free Porrfilm in which I might recover. I couldn't help myself.

The shocks were savage. Six separate shocks that had me shrieking as each hit my genitals. END Back to the top. I shrieked wildly as a jolt of current slashed my genitals. She switched on the device. Penis Electro Torture cycled slowly twice. I lay there shuddering and gasping for breath; I was desperate not to Penis Electro Torture or plead. I was whimpering without Penis Electro Torture. I enjoyed that. So we'll do it all over again!


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Penis Electro Torture

Torture, a wire Penis Electro Torture wrapped around the head of the penis and a wire electrode is inserted into the produces unbearable pain and can lead to urethral strictures with Tkrture physical and psychological consequences. Objective: To document electric shock torture to .

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