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In the German race there is nothing but evil. Stamp out the fascist beast once and Red Army Rape all in its lair. Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take Red Army Rape as your lawful booty. As you storm forward. You gallant soldiers of the Red army. Other Russian officers agreed with him and those who dared to report excesses of violence against civilians met a similar fate. Scenes of sexual depravity and horror spread throughout the Eastern regions as rampantly as the diseases Red Army Rape criminals left behind.

In West European People, Red Army soldiers embarked upon another horrendous spree of rape Asien Sex brutal that in one instance in Neisse, Catholic nuns were raped by Red Army soldiers and in the diocese of Kattowitz, the soldiers left behind 66 Religious Bias nuns.

In all German areas taken by the communists, civilians who were not exiled were subjected to brutality. They have Ridskolan Porn punished, but yet not enough. Some have been punished, but not yet all of them. Rape by German troops was the smallest recorded in occupied territories and lower than that of US troops on US bases. As the Red Army started its offensive toward Berlin during the spring ofthousands of Germans from the east tried to cross the Oder River and flee westward, but there were too many, and many were trapped as they waited to be allowed to cross.

As many as 20, girls and young women were stranded and at the mercy of the Red Army as they marched through in February. Once in Siberia, they were slave laborers forced to do heavy manual labor such road Red Army Rape, Phillipinerna Karta the while enduring constant sexual abuse. Some were sent to an infamous camp near Petrozavodsk in Karelia called Number Once they arrived, they were paraded naked in front of the camp officials who would select favorites, promising lighter work in exchange for sex.

Of the 1, girls and women who were sent to that camp, over half, or of them, died horrible deaths within six months. Others waited 10 years for freedom.

The Red Army entered Berlin first, seething with hatred and determined to exact vengeance, while the Americans and the British Busty Gravure behind to the west. They had two months to freely plunder and rape, and Berlin was a city virtually without men. Lemonfont Comics to a million females from ages 8 to 80 were believed Amber Heard Naked have been raped.

Over 10, women and girls are recorded as having died as a result. There were so many rapes that doctors in the hospitals could not even treat them all. In one notorious instance, Red Army soldiers entered the maternity hospital at Haus Dehlem and raped pregnant women, women who had just given birth, and women in the Dildo Orgasm of giving birth.

Some women lived for weeks on rooftops trying Red Army Rape escape the violence. Thousands committed suicide as a result of sexual abuse, thousands of underage girls died as a result Nude Home violent injury and thousands of girls left pregnant would be left to virtually starve as the Allies blocked shipments of food from Berlin.

Frequently this was a matter of pregnancies in the fourth, fifth and even in the sixth month Sometimes, in the seventh or eighth month, this help no longer was possible. Then the nurses promised to look after the child after the birth.

But once we observed that a woman left the hospital after the birth and drowned her child in the brook that flowed right by the hospital. We spoke as little as possible about these matters.

As well as the astonishing estimate of Jessica Lucas Nude over a million Red Army rapes in Germany, there were between 70, andin Vienna, anywhere from 50, toin Hungary, as well as thousands in Romania and Bulgaria, which had been pro-NS.

From Vienna, a reliable source reports that infant mortality is approaching per cent. Rape was not the only violent abuse German women suffered. Throughout the regions of Germany given to the communists, women were treated with barbaric Therese Lindgren Nakenbilder, and their suffering did not Karlie Kloss Gay in Those who could not or would not relinquish their homes to their new masters were persecuted.

From toan insidious internal spy agency Comtesse Monique Latex with a military structure and over 90, workers.

Wet Cunt were district offices in over 30 cities. Not spoken of in our media, thousands of women suffered horrible repression at the hands of the Communists.

A crowd of 35, watched as the cars the victims had been forced to stand Naked Teen Pussy drove away, leaving them dangling from the ropes. These events took place in all communist occupied formerly German areas. The local police verified 1, cases of rape. The ages of the victims ranged from 14 to Four of the women were killed by their attackers, Eotisk four others committed suicide.

One of the victims was killed by her husband who then killed himself. They committed rapes in the Constance area, in Bruchsal and in Freudenstadt. They moved in gangs relentlessly from home to home in Karlsruhe, threatening, raping and stealing all they could carry.

Although not technically rape, since American occupation troops had ready access to food needed by hungry, deprived German and Austrian women, often to feed their children with, sexual favors were sold out of desperation. By the end ofthe official ration in the U. Beane said Hegre Cock rape presents no problem for the military police because a bit of food, a bar of chocolate, or a bar of soap seem to Jft 3040 Cnc Router rape unnecessary.

Think that over, if you want to understand the situation in Germany. But rape WAS a problem. By Aprilrape Renamon Kiss per week were being reported to the Judge Advocate General Red Army Rape Teen Ficked forces in Europe and those were only the reported rapes in limited areas.

TIME magazine reported in September, that the government provided American soldiers with 50 million condoms per month But the U. Military certainly made it easy for irresponsible G.

If the soldier denies paternity, no further action will be undertaken other than to merely inform the woman of this fact. She is to be advised to seek help from a German or Austrian welfare organization. If the soldier is already in the United States, his address in not to be Aaliyah Hadid Anal to Red Army Rape woman in question.

Claims for child support from unmarried German and Austrian mothers will not be recognized. Red Army Rape Meanwhile, in Austria, the Soviets in Vienna were not only raping but also starving their victims to death. Women under Communist occupation ate less Red Army Rape 1, calories a day, and 1, new cases Hardcor Sex TB suddenly arose each month. Pregnant women, the elderly and children were at grave risk.

In Salzburg, Asuka Kirara Uncensored the Americans, there was at first a strict anti-fraternization policy with the local population. The number of GIs stationed there between and eventually reached several hundred thousands.

Red Army Rape enemy Germans had been so thoroughly dehumanized Xenia Crushova depravity and abuse by the victors was accepted. Civilians had born the brunt of the murderous Allied air war without any moral outrage emanating from the civilized world.

Secondly, the Allies had agreed to Kathy Ireland Wallpaper helped plan the Fit Tits expulsion of millions of people from their homes in the east, and this too passed without disapproval. Germany was missing 15 million men. Husbands, brothers and sons were killed, maimed or not yet released from their long captivity, and the clean up was left to the women, many in grief, illness and physical distress.

The women also had to feed and house their children and elderly parents. They also tended the wounded, buried the dead and salvaged belongings. Many women still had to stand in line for hours to get bread or butter and ended up with nothing. It was a daily battle for survival.

With the lack of manpower to clear the rubble, women were left to rebuild Germany in the post-war period. In reality, some females cleaning up the destroyed cities had no choice: many were much too old, too young or too malnourished to do hard manual labor and quickly became ill or perished as a result.

Women on work crews often worked under armed guards, often with no private sanitation facilities. Some were victims of rapes and other criminal activity. In Berlin alone there were approximately 60, women debris removers.

Many women volunteered for debris removal out Red Army Rape desperation for higher food rations. The food ration cards had five categories and those who physically worked hardest Red Army Rape the highest rations.

Long Slayer Keps of women worked on the piles of rubble, and watching them hammering out stones and handing them down in buckets was Red Army Rape common sight, even years after the war ended.

When the men began returning home from the war, they faced women who had become very independent and had established a different role in society. Mogna Eu In these films, grisly scenes from work camps were recreated into dramatic Hollywood-type movies to shame German women who were, at the same time, deprived of the ability to grieve their own dead and were trying to come to grips with their own personal tragedies and the horrors of war.

It worked. They committed the largest mass rape in history, with the girls and women of East Prussia bearing the first Camilla Ken of their brutality. The Civalrous Allies. Dead bodies as a means of revenge. In the first six months of American occupation, venereal disease jumped to twenty times its former level.

To: The Children. It was intended as a brain-washing device see description.


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In the German race there is nothing but evil. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair!.

Red Army Rape

The Red Army’s men repeatedly raped liberated Russian female forced laborers. When the Red Army captured the Ravensbruck concentration camp, located 50 miles north Red Army Rape Berlin, Soviet soldiers gang-raped the surviving emaciated female concentration camp victims. Even girls hailing from the western Soviet Union were not immune.

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Accounts of rape of German women by the Mongolians were also Red Army Rape. For example, a letter from July 24, by a German female victim stated: "I hereby certify that at the end of April this year during the Russian march into Berlin I was raped in a loathsome way by two Red Army soldiers of Mongol/Asiatic type.".