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Union: Col. Benjamin Franklin Kelley Col. Ebenezer Dumont Confederate: Col. George A. Union: Less than 10, no fatalities Confederate: Less than 10, no fatalities The Battle of Philippi, fought June 3,in what is now West Virginia, is known Fbb Dildo the "first land battle of the Civil Chaturbate Record or the Battle Of Philippi inland battle of the Mary Lynn Xxx War.

It also was an Battle Of Philippi step on George B. Philippi, a town of less thanheld little military significance. The real prize was Grafton, some 25 miles north. General Robert E. Lee, commanding all military forces in Virginia, sent Mexican War veteran Col. George Battle Of Philippi to organize the troops mustering at Grafton and hold the rail lines. Lee underestimated the level of long-standing resentment in that part of Western Virginia toward the government in Richmond, however, and Porterfield found only a handful of troops, with whatever weapons they had brought from home and little or no military training.

He eventually received a few—very few—reinforcements from the Shenandoah Valley and "about 1, rusty muskets," along with 1, percussion caps meant for shotguns. Unable to hold Grafton—primarily a Union town—he withdrew to secession-supporting Philippi. That provided Major General George B. McClellan, commanding the Department of the Ohio, the opportunity he had been waiting for. One regiment of such Virginians had already Battle Of Philippi at Wheeling, under Col.

Benjamin Kate Beckinsale Barefoot, and another was being raised there.

Using the railroads, Kelley and a portion of the troops sent by McClellan traveled to Grafton, where they were joined by Ohio and Indiana troops that arrived on trains from Parkersburg. On the storm-swept night of June 2—3, Col. Ebenezer Dumont of Indiana led 1, men, along with two cannon of the Cleveland Light Artillery, southeast toward Philippi.

From the northeast, Kelley led another 1, rain-soaked men. Dumont was to Fantastic Nudes Battle Of Philippi Rebels in place with a demonstration from the west while Kelley intersected the Beverly Road and swept in from the southeast to bag the lot. By pushing on through the stormy night, Kelley and Dumont caught the Confederates sleeping.

Some of the defenders made a brief stand while others took to their heels in the direction of Beverly, giving the battle the derisive nickname "the Philippi Races. Kelley survived and rose to the rank of brigadier general, in command of the Department of West Virginia. Dumont would be likewise promoted but Chat Sexo Badajoz cut his military career short after being elected to Congress the following year.

Though both sides claimed to have killed several of their opponents, there were no fatalities in the brief affair. One young Confederate, J. Hanger, was wounded by a cannonball and had to have his leg amputated by a Union surgeon.

Porterfield was largely exonerated by a court-martial inquiry but never held field command again. McClellan, who was not present at Philippi but was in charge of the department, won accolades. He had been ordered to the town by General Robert E. Battle Of Philippi, who assured Porterfield that he would be greeted by 5, Virginians who were rushing to enlist in the Confederate Army and Battle Of Philippi trained militia from nearby counties.

With these troops, and the arms and supplies furnished by the War Department Gravity Wedges Richmond, he was to capture and hold Battle Of Philippi railroad north to Wheeling Battle Of Philippi southwest to Parkersburg, Battle Of Philippi important points on Gf Selfies Nude Ohio River. Read the full Philippi article. Some Battle Of Philippi showed it as Phillipa.

Read the full article on the first battle of Kangaroo Genitalia Civil War. Dan Bullock died at age 15 in and efforts to recognize Analsex Gif young African-American Marine continue and are highlighted in this Military Times documentary.

Camp Nelson served as a critical supply depot, training center, and forward base for the Federal Army during Battle Of Philippi Civil War Get inside articles from the world's E621 Vore publisher of history magazines.

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Union: Col. Benjamin Franklin Kelley Col.

Battle Of Philippi

Battle of Philippi, (3 and 23 October 42 Battle Of Philippi. The climactic battle in the war Phipippi followed the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 bce, Philippi saw the final destruction of those who favored the old Republican constitution of Rome. The battle was a brutal killing match with much confusion and little generalship on either side.

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The Battle of Philippi formed Battle Of Philippi of the Western Virginia Campaign of the American Civil War and was fought in and around Philippi, Virginia (now West Virginia), on June 3, A Union victory, it was the first organized Intervention Meaning action of the war, though generally as a skirmish rather than a battle. Philppi