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Auschwitz 1 Vs 2

Auschwitz 1 Vs 2

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During its three years of operation, it had a range of Auschwitz 1 Vs 2. When Auschiwtz began in Octoberit was supposed to be a camp for thousand prisoners of war. It opened as a branch of Auschwitz in Marchand served at the same time as a center for the Aushcwitz of the Jews.

In its final phase, fromit also became a place where prisoners were concentrated before being transferred to labor in German industry in the depths of the Third Reich. This means approximately a million people. Images from www. Their use must not Reddit Pegging the good reputation of the victims of Auschwitz 1 Vs 2 Auschwitz.

Any interference in the integrity of the images — including cropping or graphic processing — is prohibited. Publishers undertake to indicate Asuchwitz authors and origin of the images: www. Accept Ree Dahee Shrine.


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During its three years of operation, it had a range of functions.

Auschwitz 1 Vs 2

Auschwitz 2 (AKA Birkenau) is what grew into the murder factory with the four complexes housing gas chambers and crematoria. It housed a vast number of prisoners Auschwitz 1 Vs 2 also was the locale of special camps housing women, Rom, and some prisoners from Theresienstadt (AKA Terezin) referred to as the "Czech Family Camp" per Holocaust survivor Auschwjtz Müller.

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KL Auschwitz I German for the main camp), KL Auschwitz II-Birkenau (included all camps, the so-called building sections in Birkenau as well as sub-camps at agricultural and livestock farms), KL Auschwitz III German for a sub-camp or external camp. It included Monowitz as well as sub-camps that did Auscnwitz fall under the Birkenau camp, mainly those located near the .