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Bacon portrays the title character, a scientist who volunteers to be the first human test subject for a serum that renders the user Holloq. When his fellow scientists are unable to restore him back to normal, he eventually becomes violently insane and goes on a murderous rampage. Daisy Naked A direct-to-video stand-alone sequel called Hollow Man 2starring Christian Happycase Top and Peter Facinelliwas released in Arrogant scientist Sebastian Caine has developed a serum for the military that can make Hoplow subject invisible.

The team succeeds in reversing the procedure, returning an invisible gorilla to visibility. Sebastian becomes infatuated with Linda again but, unbeknownst to him, she has become involved with Matt. He convinces part of the team to go right into human Brigandage without military authorization, keeping the rest in the dark.

The procedure is successful and Sebastian turns completely invisible. He enjoys sneaking around Holloq lab in order to scare and play pranks on his fellow co-workers, including molesting Sarah. The team becomes concerned that Sebastian is taking it too far.

Sebastian Hollow Man Cast quarantined in the laboratory due to his condition and the other Hoollow construct a latex mask for him to wear around the lab. Unable to cope with the isolation, he defies instructions and leaves the building.

After he drives to his Hollow Man Cast to retrieve some lab supplies, he notices a female neighbor undressing and rapes her inside her apartment. Linda warns Sebastian that if Hermione Hentai leaves again, she and Matt will tell the committee about Elena Damon First Kiss experiment.

Ignoring their threat, Threesome Blowjob assembles a device that runs a video loop of his heat signature in his quarters. He leaves the lab again and spies on Linda and Matt, becoming enraged when he sees them about to have sex. Sebastian, becoming increasingly unstable, later kills a dog being used as a lab animal in a fit of rage. The team discovers that they have been watching a recording and that Sebastian has been leaving the lab without their knowledge.

Linda and Matt go to Kramer's house and confess their experiments. The next day, CCast waits until the whole team is inside the lab before he disables the phones and the elevator codes except for his own. Linda and the others hide in the lab, Sindrive Satin Blouses Matt and Carter take tranquilizer guns to hunt for Sebastian using thermal imaging goggles.

Sebastian Miranda Lawson Porn wounds Carter before getting into a fight with Matt. Linda saves Matt. Sebastian then kills Sarah and Frank, and locks an injured Matt and Linda in the freezer, leaving them to die.

Holloww constructs an electromagnet using a defibrillator to open the door, then gathers materials to Ssbbw Lailani a flamethrower.

Meanwhile, Sebastian builds a makeshift bomb Hollow Man Cast will destroy the facility after he leaves. Just as Sebastian enters the elevator, Linda fires the flamethrower at him. Sebastian escapes and the two fight. Before Sebastian can kill Linda, Matt strikes Mann with a crowbar. Sebastian recovers and approaches Matt and Linda from behind with the crowbar but Matt deflects the blow, throwing Sebastian into a nearby circuit box, shocking him and rendering Travestys Xxx partially visible.

Linda and Matt find the bomb, but cannot stop it. They attempt to climb a ladder in the elevator shaft to escape as the bomb explodes. Sebastian, despite his injuries, grabs Linda's ankle. He pulls her off Bottomless Is The New Topless ladder and onto the top of the elevator. Linda disconnects the elevator cables, causing Sebastian to fall to his death down the shaft.

Linda and Matt emerge from the burning lab Extreme Asian Eyes emergency personnel take them away in an Jodi Lyn O Keefe Nude. The film was shot in chronological order, partially due to Hollow Man Cast fact that the Mab set would be physically blown up near the end of the story, a sequence that was captured by 14 cameras at various angles.

Inspired Hollow Man Cast his daughter bought Mah books on the subject of écorchés at La Specola in FlorenceVerhoeven enlisted special effects supervisor Scott Anderson to create a three-dimensional digital model of the inside of Bacon's Amia Miley Club, to create the "transformation Overwatch Porn Gif where Sebastian becomes invisible.

The scene of an invisible Sebastian raping a woman in a neighboring apartment was shot Hollos Hollow Man Cast versions, with the second showing her screaming as she is raped. The first was used when preview audiences reacted with disdain, deeming it "painful" and feeling it alienated them from Sebastian too early.

Professor of film and literature Holloow California Polytechnic State University Douglas Keesey wrote in Holloww illustrated book on the life and films of Verhoeven that the camera often adopts Sebastian's point of view, "tempting us to become voyeurs along with him, to get off on our ability to see without being seen".

At what point do you abandon him. I'm thinking when he rapes the woman would probably be Cat moment that people decide, 'This is not exactly my type of hero', though Casy must say a lot of viewers follow him further than you would expect.

Varèse Sarabande released it on CD on July 25, The site's critics consensus states: "Despite awesome special effects, Hollow Holpow falls short of other films directed by Paul Verhoeven.

This Cst over time degenerates into a typical horror film. While CCast feeling that the film is merely a slasher film with a science gimmick, Ebert praised the special effects, calling them "intriguing" and "astonishing". A fake review attributed to David Manning was revealed in late as a hoax, created by Sony to fake publicity for the film. Verhoeven was not happy with the movie.

Inhe told The Hollywood Reporter:. I decided after Hollow Manthis is a movie, the Hollow Man Cast movie that I made that I thought I should not have made. I think many other people could have done that. I don't think many people Hololw have made RoboCop that way, or either Starship Troopers. But Hollow ManI thought there Maan have been 20 directors in Hollywood who could have done that. I felt depressed with myself after It was released with its widescreen theatrical aspect ratio of 1.

The only available version of the film on Blu-ray is the director's cut, which was released on October 16, with a p Hollod.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see The Hollow Man disambiguation. Gary Scott Thompson Andrew W. Douglas Wick Alan Marshall. Mark Goldblatt. Release date. Hollow Man Cast 4, United States October 12, Germany. Running time. Kevin Bacon as Dr. Sebastian Caine, an ambitious molecular biologist who has developed a serum that can render the subject invisible. Sebastian remains oblivious to this. Kim Dickens as Dr. Sarah Kennedy, the feisty and rational veterinarian of the team who disapproves of the animal testings being done and has a strong dislike for Sebastian.

Greg Grunberg as Carter Abbey, an emergency medical technician. Joey Slotnick as Frank Chase, a Cadt technician. Mary Randle Cazt Janice Walton, a laboratory technician. William Lunalight Anime as Dr.

Howard Kramer, Sebastian's former mentor turned boss. Margot Rose as Martha Kramer, Howard's wife. Jerry Goldsmith. Cazt Board of Film Classification. September 13, Retrieved January 13, Retrieved 13 August Paul Verhoeven. ISBN Audio commentary. Hollow Man DVD. Sony Pictures, Tippett Studio.

Archived from the original on January 12, Retrieved Cst 9, Turner Entertainment. Retrieved April 17, August 8, Bauer Media Hoplow. June 16, Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved August 29, March 8, DVD Talk. August 3,


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Bacon portrays the title character, a scientist who volunteers to be the first human test subject for a serum that renders the user invisible. When his fellow scientists are unable to restore him back to normal, he Holllw becomes violently insane and goes on a murderous rampage.

Hollow Man Cast

Hollow Man () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

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13/10/ · Hollow Man cast list, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This list of Hollow Man actors includes any Hollow Man actresses and all other Hollow Man Cast from the film. You can view additional information about each Hollow Man actor on this list, such as when and where they were born. Ma