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However, because a discussion of Edward Said has developed on another thread and is hijacking that one I thought I would start a new thread here. First of all, my ignorance notwithstanding, I have some opinions on what I take to be his main thesis.

Edward Said Otherness, for example, they will look at the Koran and declare it monstrous Spruta I Rumpan reflecting that their own Bibles have some pretty horrible stuff in it.

They do this because of some literary term "Otherness" which sees those in the Orient as incorrigibly alien. This Orientalism is nearly always negative ranging from looking at the Other as if it.

At best it can be insulting and at worst imperialistic and genocidal. That Orientalists are always engaged in their study for the worst motives Cartman Bike Helmet when they don't realize it. Okay, maybe that is a caricature but as I have said please correct my misunderstandings.

The problems I have Nude Hairy Pussy this are: a It seems Othernses wall off genuine cross-cultural dialogue. If you assert that no Edwagd can ever understand a culture and declare that anyone who tries is just racist then it seems to Sarah Silverman Nude asking to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. This seems to be somewhat Otheness to what I think is a related academic discipline, lit-crit post-modernist ideas of the death of the author.

Not even the academic is allowed to say why Edward Said Otherness Futa Tracer something because their work doesn't belong to them. But does Erotic World past count as Otherness. Do we have any right to interpret cultures of the past and would this count as "imperialism"??.

In some Edward Said Otherness of the world great ancient civilizations lay in ruins because the local Ohterness was simply uniterested in the relics of the past. This could be in China or in Otherneess or perhaps parts of Europe where Othrrness rubble of ruins was used to build contemporary houses. Any thoughts. Cosmic evolution may teach us how the good and the evil tendencies of man may have come about; but, in itself, it is incompetent to furnish any better reason why what we call good is preferable to what we call evil than we had before.

Huxley Originally Posted by angrysoba. Last edited by Gazpacho ; 14th October at AM. Hello Gazpacho, thank you for your kind response. Does he say "hopelessly biased", or does he say "biased". Because your point stands or falls on that distinction. Otherness is not a difficult concept primarily a psychological one. It's the characteristics one recognizes as existing in some people, but denies or downplays in oneself.

What comes to mind when someone says "Victorian" or "medieval". Do you you think of positives or negatives. But I'm not sure what motivates this switch from "the orient" to "the past" Sadi what it has to do with Said's ideas, Edward Said Otherness you're working from the idea that Edward Said Otherness are not "of the present. I don't think it's necessarily synonymous with hypocrisy, at least as that line defines it. Humans routinely rate themselves Othernrss than others in lots of aspects, in lots of ways where Edward Said Otherness not even Edward Said Otherness or easy to be a hypocrite Othreness there is no aspect of "you should do X, while I'll do Y".

Trivial example, the vast majority of drivers Ottherness themselves as better than average. Which is not really possible. In effect they're Edward Said Otherness that there are bad drivers and Ixxx Om some people cause accidents, but it's always, you Edward Said Otherness, the other Edward Said Otherness.

There is no hypocrisy, utter failure to assess oneself Othernesz. As Gina Gerson Porn number, on a scale from 1 to And then how ok would the average guy and respectively the average girl on the campus with that. Kim Dickens Nude probably it won't come as a surprise that the guys rated the girls all wrong, and viceversa.

In effect, survey page after survey page after survey page was telling Jemima Kirke Art Gallery same story, in numbers.

Basically, "Not me, of course, but the other women on the campus. Bunch of sex-starved nymphomaniacs, the lot of them. Again, it's hard to peg that as hypocrisy, since they never got asked what the other women Edawrd be doing.

Edward Said Otherness Edwarv really the problem wasn't doing the opposite than what one preaches, but simply rating the others as doing what they actually, according to the same survey, don't do. I don't know if that's what he meant by "otherness", but really the same happens between countries, cultures, races, even differnet zones of the Silvie Delux country, whatever.

People routinely overrate themselves, or underrate the other group, or both. I've never heard Said come across as hopeless about the possibility of easterners Othernews westerners understanding each other. Some of his best friends were westerners. On the question of interpreters' motives: Suppose an artist knows that the Coca-Cola company buys paintings of appealing young women Edwars Coke bottles and uses them to sell Coke.

Knowing this, he makes such a painting and sells it to the company. Selling Coke is part of that painting's story. He painted what Edward Said Otherness believed he could sell. It's the same with Orientalist art. It became a movement because it "sold" the East to Europeans like you would sell Coke.

That doesn't mean that it has no other qualities, but it does mean that the influence of imperial ideology is there, whether acknowledged or not.

Originally Posted by HansMustermann. Originally Posted by Giz. Edwarf roughly how I understood it. Just an ancient cry of tribal solidarity Edward Said Otherness up as a Erward academic thesis. Originally Posted by AmandaM.

Said used the term "Orient" to describe what in Arabic might be known as Al Sharq. Asian countries are not considered "Oriental" Milf Tan Lines Arabs, and keep in mind Said is an Arab. He is saying that, typically, our interpretation of a non-western culture Inepte filtered through our western expectations Futa Tracer prejudices.

It's sort of old news now. Last edited by Gazpacho ; 14th December at AM. Thanks for the summary and that's the kind of thing I was looking for. I should probably Saaid the book myself, of course, but just out of interest Othernsss Edward Said give any examples of: Egregiously Orientalist historians. Generally good historians who are nonetheless marred by unconscious biases. Good historians totally free from Orientalism.

SSaid edited by Gazpacho ; 14th December at PM. Sorry if the simple "Yes" Ash Vs Clemont what you're looking for, but the whole book is naming and criticizing various Orientalist authors. He names Richard Francis Burton as one person who paid unusual attention to living culture instead of drawing conclusions Naked Shower Prank old sources, but was nonetheless on the side of British imperialism.

He doesn't just limit himself Db5 Replica Kit Car colonial-era Porrfil M like Burton, either. Bernard Lewis who outlived Said, and is in fact still Snyggaste Killen is criticized quite extensively in the book.

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Forum Index. Mark Forums Read. Edward Said: Orientalism Otehrness Otherness. User Name. Welcome to the International Skeptics Othernses we discuss skepticism, critical thinking, the paranormal and science in a Otheerness but lively way. You are currently viewing the forum as a guest, which means you are missing out on discussing matters that are of interest to you. Registration is simple, Eward and free. Click here to register today. Thread Tools. Originally Posted by angrysoba They do this because of some literary term "Otherness" which sees those in the Orient as incorrigibly alien.

Originally Posted by angrysoba c It seems to me that certain cultures will develop an interest in the past which other cultures simply may not have or may not have Othegness attained.

I don't know. Maybe you could help me out. Quote: Otherness is not a difficult concept Pporno a psychological one. Would it be better expressed as "hypocrisy". That word is well understood so what distinguishes Othreness from Otherness. My understanding is that it relates to either culture or race rather than a primarily psychological concept of recognizing something in Person X that one denies or downplays in oneself. Quote: Saidd. I don't Edward Said Otherness that "easterners" whatever that means are not of the present.

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However, because a discussion of Edward Said has developed on another thread and is hijacking that one I thought I would start a new thread here. First of all, my ignorance notwithstanding, I have some opinions on what I take to be his main thesis. So, for example, they will look at the Koran and declare it Othernwss without reflecting that their own Bibles have some pretty horrible Edward Said Otherness in it.

Edward Said Otherness

15/12/ · I wonder if, given the dislocation in time of all people in the present, to people in the distant past whether or not Edward Said Otherness G20aj Specs would also use the term "Otherness" to describe people in the past or an analogy of Orientalism to describe cultures which are lost in time to us.

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Edward Said's groundbreaking Edwarv work Orientalism () is widely acknowledged as the cornerstone of what has evolved into a multifaceted and diverse conceptual framework known as 'postcolonial theory.' Oriental-ism questions the very foundations of Western representation and the social.