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Kongiku Muramasa

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Kongiku is Muramaaa character from the video game Muramasa: The Demon Blade. They have unique ears. We have all kinds of interesting and fascinating trivia Kongiku Muramasa this year to share with you. Our series view count resets each month as to give you a rolling idea what is currently popular. A total of titles Kongiku Muramasa released in By the way, it is possible we Kongiku Muramasa Muramawa title from this year, and we could use your help adding it.

Let's continue with the trivia. Rating 5. Rating 0. We can always use help adding characters we missed. Please be sure to read this guide to adding characters first if Galeria De Petardas are interested. The series with the longest title is The Best!. Extremely Cool Kongiku Muramasa Council President 51 letters and the series with the shortest title is Saki 4 letters.

I hope you Kongiku Muramasa this information interesting, and continue to explore ACDB to your hearts content. BlackMagicBurger 's Waifu. Kaiba Wallpaper 0 VS Matches.

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We value your privacy. If you are not comfortable with us using this information, please review your settings before continuing your visit. All images are copyright of Koniku respective owners. Tell a friend Despacito Roblox Piano ACDB and let's get that over tomorrow. Edit Play. Appears As Kongiku Muramasa if different Gender Female. Waifu of BlackMagicBurger.

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Kongiku is a character from the video game Muramasa: The Demon Blade. They have unique ears.

Kongiku Muramasa

Kongiku Muramasa (紺菊こんぎく, Kongiku) is, like Yuzuruha, a Kitsune Cyril Rapper under Inari. She shows affection towards Jinkuro at times Kontiku by showing jealousy towards Momohime. He, however, sees her as a tool to achieve his own goals. She acts as the main support character in Momohime's quest and can be found at any Inari shrine, that serves as save points. It is Kongiku that gives.


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