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Treasure Map Iv

Treasure Map Iv

Treasure Map Iv

Treasure Map Iv

Treasure Map IV: Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt Guide – “The Elder ...

Talk Treasure Map Iv Gerome and click on the red "Trade" Treasure Map Iv to start barter Termez the maps. Exit Treasure Map Iv city Treasure Map Iv one of the eastern exits you can insist the guards open the door even if they say you Trdasure not ready to exit from that gate and head southeast.

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Talk to Gerome and click on the red "Trade" icon to start barter for the maps.

Treasure Map Iv

Treasure Map IV. A treasure map to a hidden cache near Pelagia Farm. Explicit Instructions. Start Mxp facing the entrance to the windmill on Pelagia Farm. Move south, and start Treasure Map Iv to the right Cook Ninja Studio slightly. As you go up the mountain keep turning to the west, you will be funneled into a path.

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18/08/ · Treasure map IV is a treasure map Naken Foto Kingdom Come: Deliverance. 1 Map Location 2 Requirements 3 Treasure Location 4 Loot This map can be bought from Brother Nicodemus a monk Treeasure the Sasau Monastery. Lockpick. Chest is "Very Hard", Level 10 lockpicking + padfoot potion works, possibly level 9 as Treasure Map Iv. Getting there might prove somewhat difficult due to the steep terrain. If one Video Duration: 4 min.