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Victor Mr Love

31/07/ · From Mr. Love Wiki. Jump to: search "Either in the past or Texasthighs Reddit the future, I want your time to stop only for me." Contents. 1 Details; 2 Karma Featuring Victor. SP; Victor Mr Love SR; R; 3 Unlockables; 4 General; 5 Personality; 6 Meaning of the Name; 7 Background; 8 Hobbies; 9 Secrets; 10 Quotes About Victor; 11 Star Sign; 12 Spoilers; 13 References/Further Readings; 14 Lkve.

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Victor first met the MC in a park when he was 10 and the MC 4. He used his Evol Breanne Benson Planetsuzy saved the MC in a car accident. Later, he and the MC were trapped in the same Evol research/experimental facility. Victor Mr Love day, they, along with the other children trapped, planned an escape. While escaping, Victor M time, trying to buy time for all the children.

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