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Football Firms

Football Firms

Football Firms

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This article is taken from an american website, interesting to see how the portray the hooligan culture.

Football Firms

What is a football firm. A Football firm is often the term given to a group of football hooligans who are travelling together often to in violence with the other teams firm. Firs Football Firms often have ‘firm’ within their name for example ‘West ham ICF’ the ‘Inter City Firm’.

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27/05/ · In the United Kingdom, hooliganism hit its height Fotball the ’70s, when firms such as the Red Army (Manchester United), Suicide Squad (Burnley), Villa Hardcore (Aston Villa), and the Herd (Arsenal) started to organise in mass. Football Firms the middle of the decade, every football club in Great Britain had a firm attached to it.