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Tokyo Ghoul Ichika

Tokyo Ghoul Ichika

Tokyo Ghoul Ichika

Ichika Kaneki

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Tokyo Ghoul Ichika

Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist; Books. Tokyo Ghoul: zakki; Tokyo Ghoul: zakki:re; Tokyo Ghoul: Jail; Tokyo Ghoul: anime; Gohul Ghoul: movie; Live-action. Tokyo Ghoul play) Tokyo Ghoul (film) Tokyo Ghoul S; More. Characters World Community Tokyo Ghoul Ichika Characters Anteiku Quinx Squad Investigators Aogiri Tree Clowns Other Ghouls Back Anteiku Ken Kaneki Touka Kirishima Yoshimura .

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Ichika Ishimaru is an academy graduate and a CCG Ghoul investigator currently serving in Kotsuzan squad.